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Flyers below outline latest supported features in the spectral broadening, pulse compression, beam routing and pulse characterization.  few-cycle hollow-core fiber system supports up to 300 W of average power, up to 100mJ of energy. It is extensively tested for spectral broadening and pulse compression with Amphos laser systems, Light Conversion laser systems such as Carbide and Pharos, and various custom laser systems around the globe. We provide chirped and ultrafast mirrors for pulse compression of Yb doped and Ti:Sa lasers in the range of 200 fs to 5 fs (few-cycle pulses).

few-cycle hollow-core fiber laser pulse compression with Carbide Light Conversion and Amphos Yb lasers; vaccum laser beam routing and delivery
few-cycle FROG; SHG second harmonic and TG transient grating frequency resolved optical gating; pulse reconstraction and phase retrival software
Chirped and ultrafast mirrors; pulse compression for Yb and Ti:Sa laser pulses; GDD; femtosecond enhanced and high average power silver mirror
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