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few-cycle chirped mirrors

chirped mirrors

Pulse compression down to few cycle pulses; λcenter from 266nm to 1400nm

few cycle hollow-core fiber system for pulse compression

few-cycle Fiber

Spectral broadening for pulse post compression and


FROG frequency resolved optical gating; SHG (second harmonic generation)  and TG (transient grating)

orchestra FROG


(200 nm to 2 μm). Software for phase retrieval

Vaccum Beaming and Routing

vacuum beaming

Beam routing under vacuum to avoid propagation effects of highpower beams

frequency domain optical parametric amplification


Optical Parametric Amplification systems with high conversion efficiencies

vacube vacuum and over pressure chamber for beam folding

vacube chamber

Beam folding and

guiding under vacuum

and over pressure

screwed mirror and grating mounts

screwed Series

Optical mounts

for mirrors

and gratings

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