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The screwed™ Series

ultra stable mirror holder and mount

The screwed™ Mirror Holder

ultra stable mirror periscope

The screwed™ Periscope

grating compressor holder and mount

The screwed™ Compressor Set

The main requirements on optical mounts are movability combined with immovability. Our screwed™ - series optical mounts and assemblies resolve this contradiction by avoiding solely spring loaded solutions to retain the adjusted position. The position remains locked by literally screwing the two moving surfaces together.

The screwed™ Assemblies

The screwed Mirror Holder

The screwed Periscope

fixed stable mirror mount

- Adjustment of height, horizontal & vertical tilt and X/Y translation.
- Gimbal mount rotating around the center of the optic's front surface.
- Available for 1”, 2” and 3” optics.
- Clear edge on three sides.

The screwed Compressor Set

compressor set with grating holder mount


- Optics rest on a ball joint assembly that rotates around all three axes.
- All rotations occur around the front surface of the diffraction gratings.
- Stress free mounting of gratings up to 110mm x 110mm x 22mm in size.

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