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Hollow Core Fiber System for pulse compression

At few-cycle Inc. we develop optical technologies for ultrafast laser science.

Our aim is to redefine optical parametric amplification by providing the highest conversion efficiencies and high peak power IR pulses of up to 2.5TW.

We offer unique femtosecond laser upgrades based on hollow-core fiber systems for pulse compression. Special high efficiency fibers developed for both Yb and Ti:Sa lasers reach >90% throughput at average power levels beyond 100W. Our fibers have also been used to compress Yb pulses with more than 70mJ of pulse energy.

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Operating since 2014, few-cycle Inc. is a Canadian spin-off located in the Montreal area that has emerged from the laser research at the advanced laser light source (ALLS).

Few-cycle is a very research-oriented company developing high energy, few-cycle pulse generation methods in the IR spectral range as well as their characterization in tight collaboration with the Institute National de la Recherche Scientifique, INRS. These pulses are applied for ground breaking experiments including high harmonic generation, high field THz generation and novel schemes for electron acceleration just to name a few.

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