Founded in October 2013, few-cycle Inc. is a Canadian spin-off company located in Montreal - South Shore area - that has emerged from the research activities of Dr. Bruno Schmidt as a member of Prof. François Légaré's research group at INRS-EMT. The group is working on the development of high energy, few-cycle pulse generation methods in the IR spectral range as well as their characterization. These pulses are used for groundbreaking experiments such as high harmonic generation, high field THz generation and novel schemes for electron acceleration.


The vision of the company is to further boost the laser performance to higher average power based on Yb-pump laser technology and to transfer these world leading research results into reliable, user friendly laser systems. To achieve this, few-cycle will implement a novel laser amplification scheme called Frequency domain Optical Parametric Amplification – FOPA. Additionally to the development of entire laser systems, few-cycle can provide customized solutions for implementing FOPA technology (IP protected) on existing laser sources. Furthermore, few-cycle also provides complementary laser upgrade schemes like the newly developed hollow-core fiber compression setup.